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Install all your favorite softwares with a click.
Let the installer finish installing while you take a break.
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In a time when compute industry was completely monopolized,  computer Os were expensive. A group of computer programmers came up with an idea of a free OS. The philosophy behind this idea is RICHARD STALLMAN, the founder of the GNU project. The author of “Open source” definition is BRUCE PERENSE. The Author of Linux kernel when it was first released is LINUS TORVALDS.   

image image image
Linus Toralds Richard Stallman Bruce Perense

When LINUS TORVALDS (student at University of Helsinki at the time), the author of Linux kernel released the first Linux kernel independently, there was no relation with the GNU project. GNU project was writing a free OS independently, but because of the complexity of their very advanced design it was taking a long time to finish the project.

Users who were searching for an alternative free unix, found the pieces of he GNU project which was missing just the kernel. So the end users filled the gap with the Linux kernel. And the revolutionary OS,Linux was born. After that Linus and the GNU project collaborated along with many other programmers on the net to develop the Linux Operating system that we see today.

There are many flavors of Linux, developed by different groups of programmers, all of them based on the Linux kernel.

Watch Video on the revolutionary OS (1 hour 25 Minutes):


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Internet has become an essential ingredient of our life today. Without internet our life becomes extremely difficult in this information technology era. Unfortunately internet is not controlled by any authority, therefore the content on internet cannot be censored or monitored. Some countries introduce internet filtering by enforcing regulations on ISPs. However all the restrictions introduced by ISPs can be bypassed, sometimes very easily.

As a parent, a brother or sister you wouldn’t want the younger ones in your family to watch nasty stuff out there on the internet. The question is how do you control what they see? I know that there are many software like netNanny, cyberPatrol and Web Watcher, BUT they cost a fortune!

Don’t just give up yet. There are very good free alternative solutions. Some very good free parental control solutions:

1 k9 web protection
K9 web protection is a good free alternative solution for internet filtering. Configuration is minimal. The software knows which sites are not proper for the children. You can configure it through a browser based GUI interface.
2 open dns
OpenDNS introduces a different approach of filtering improper sites. No software is necessary. You only need to sign up to the free service and configure your DNS server with the DNS server address they provide. If you are behind a router you can configure the router DNS server address with the address provided by OpenDNS. The configuration is done online.

Both of these products have good documentations on how to install and use the services. Choose what’s best for you. Enjoy!

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Previously I have written on how to setup a free SSL Virtual Private Network here:

A lot of users ask how to access their PC from another PC. It’s really simple. Add the VPN Port (default is 443) to the exception list of your firewall in order to allow incoming connections to that port. If you are behind a router you will also need to forward the VPN port to your PC (Where the VPN Server is running). Now find your IP address as seen to the internet by visiting To access the VPN, point the browser to http://your-ip-here. If your IP is then point your browser to .

If you have a dynamic IP address things become a little complicated. Every time your dial your ISP a new IP address is assigned to your PC. Fortunately there is a free service called DynDNS.



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There are plenty of  Antivirus software and Firewall security software  available for free. The following is my selection of Antivirus software and Firewall security software.


1. Avira Antivirus

image Download:

The free version suits the needs of an average user.

Features (Feature list provided by AntiVir)

ico_check_green AntiVir protection
ico_check_green AntiDialer protection against expensive dialers
ico_check_green AntiRootkit protection against hidden rootkits
ico_check_green Faster Scanning up to 20% faster (compared to the previous version)
ico_check_green AntiPhishing protection against phishing
ico_check_green AntiSpyware protection against spyware and adware
ico_check_green NetbookSupport for laptops with low resolution
ico_check_green QuickRemoval eliminates viruses at the push of a button


Find Similar Images Fast

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Google is the best search out there, right? Google makes our life easier than ever. If you ask a student, professional or anyone else how to find something on the web there first reply would would be “Google it”. If you can’t find something on Google than find images fast screenshotprobably its not worth finding it. Google has many features that common users aren’t aware of. Today I introduce you Google’s “Similar Image Search”. It’s still in lab stage (Alpha stage or development stage. Nevertheless it works quite well. Are you  ready? Go to What do you want to find? For example type “Maldives” in the search box and press enter. Now you’ll see a link named “Similar images” under each image. Click it and you are taken to a page which displays images that are similar to that image. Isn’t it useful?


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Free SSL Virtual Private Network.

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Some guys might wonder "What in the world is VPN?". Don’t worry, if you have no idea what a VPN is go to and spend some time reading the article. Basically a VPN is used to access resources in a LAN from a Computer Outside the LAN. VPN’s are also used to connect two LANs together. How about accessing your PC from office? After you Install and configure VPN on your home PC, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser to access your PC from any location.
So lets setup a FREE SSL Virtual Private Network. screenshot
What you need?
1- Open VPN ALS can be downloaded from . But there’s no official Windows installer. It’ll be cumbersome to install and configure it manually. So I recommend downloading a third party Windows Installer for Open VPN ALS. Get it here.
You’ll need to install the Java Runtime environment first, before installing the software.
2- Java Runtime Environment from

Go to to see the complete tutorial and Video on installing and setting up your free SSL VPN. Enjoy.

Save On VIPRE Antivirus

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The VIPRE Antivirus from Sunbelt is a well performing antivirus software. Sunbelt is very


well known in the area of security. VIPRE Antivirus costs $29.95. If you want VIPRE antivirus for $19.95 (USD) go to and select VIPRE antivirus. Go to to get the coupon code. The offer expires soon. So hurry and save $10.


Online Medical Diagnostics

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Do you want check the conditions associated with the symptoms? does just that. OK, lets play doctor. Go to Which part of your body has the symptoms?

You select the part from the picture provided. Select the symptoms and viola! conditions associated with the symptoms you choose is displayed. The interface is very adaptable and user friendly.